This popular beach resort plays host to a slew of things to do in Penang with kids. Designed with the needs of families in mind, toddlers and children can enjoy PlayLab (an interactive kids club) that is located in the Beach Wing as well as Ferringhi Tower respectively. The Playlab at Beach Wing is tailored for toddlers and children aged between two and six, while the Playlab at Ferringhi Tower is specially targeted for kids aged between four and ten. Parents can join their children in the swimming pool, and play water polo. A family stroll on the beach can lead to flying kites, or, a game of beach volleyball. Guests at Holiday Inn Resort Penang will always have a fun range of activities to choose from.

The resort is strategically located on Batu Ferringhi beach at the heart of Penang island, granting convenient access to wondrous island attractions that offer some famously fun activities in Malaysia. In 2008, Georgetown was recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Parents can take their children on tours of charming colonial buildings, gold leaf-encrusted Chinese temples, amusement parks and interactive museums. 

Discover the most interesting kids attractions in Penang when you visit!

Batu Ferringhi Watersports

Who doesn’t like a splash by the beach? The public beach offers a range of watersports. Ride a jet ski and create your own waves. Jump on a banana boat and hang on or get tossed into the ocean. Enjoy panoramic views from the air parasailing. Alternatively, if you prefer laid-back beach activities: build a sandcastle with your kids, ride a horse and explore your surroundings.

ESCAPE Theme Park, Penang

ESCAPE Theme Park is about 15 minutes away from Holiday Inn Resort Penang. The new WaterPlay park has just opened in 2017 to compliment AdventurePlay park located next to each other at Teluk Bahang. Kids friendly Entopia by Penang Butterfly Farm is just right beside ESCAPE with Penang National Park further 5km away.

It is a fun destination with exciting rides and games hosted in a natural environment.Through fun activities, with emphasis on self-directed and self-powered play, visitors experience Low Tech, High Fun designed for all ages.

Say bye-bye to your technologies people because you are about to enter an all fun zone! Be prepared! You are expected to bring your best game into this area.

Escape is truly an adventurous yet humbling travel hotspot. Adventurous because of all the activities they offer. Forget roller coasters or pirate ships because you are required to do a lot of jumping, climbing and balancing. It is also humbling because it strives to teach us to become our child self, learning at how to be fearless again. The crew members there have a saying, “Beat your heart, don’t let it beat you. Dare yourself to move forward if not you never will”.

It is meant to remind us all of all the essence and fun of playtime in the natural environment. All activites here are creatively designed to promote a sense of achievement not just by a push of a button but through preseverance.

There is clearly no age limit here when it comes to having fun. It is such an inclusive zone. There are activities for children as young as 3; Discovery Dig. It is a game where kids are required to find “gold” in a stream of water and collected gold will be brought over to a machine to produce a medal for never giving up. This game is perfect for the kids because it teaches the saying that goes, “Hard Work Will Pay Off”.


There are two sides of this theme park, AdventurePlay being the dry zone and WaterPlay being the wet zone. Usually, it is highly recommended that you visit the AdventurePlay first. Get a good sweat out then go relax at WaterPlay. At the dry park, DO NOT miss out on the Tubby Race because it is just the best activity for families or group of friends. Or try out a similar version of play at the water park, Tubby Rapids. The Banana Flip is of course everyone’s favourite!

Obviously, a day of escape is definitely not enough! Thankfully at Escape, they have a Base Camp where you can camp out for a night or two. It is just perfect for family who wanna just bond around them campfire or a group of friends who just finished a semester.

With all the top notch activities & facilities, Escape is definitely on every outdoor seekers’ bucket list, solidifying its position as the top theme park in Malaysia.

For more info on the theme park : http://www.escape.my/

Escape AdventurePlay Penang

 Entopia by Penang Butterfly Farm

All nature lovers, especially kids, must visit Entopia, home to more than 150 species of flora and fauna and over 15,000 butterflies. The largest butterfly and dragonfly garden in Malaysia, this is the place to reconnect with nature. The Natureland and The Cocoon provide fun learning experiences and a family holiday to remember.

The exterior of Entopia

Penang 3D Trick Art Museum

The Penang 3D Trick Art Museum is one of the fun things to do in Penang. Have a great time with your little ones observing mind-bending, optical illusion artwork. Encourage your kids to interact with pictures on the wall. Don’t forget to capture great shots of you and your children skydiving, docking at Clan Jetty,  and riding the Bullock Cart, just to name a few.

Upside Down Museum

Imagine if one day, gravity stopped working… would you strike a pose for a photo or let the opportunity slip by? The Upside Down Museum is a wonderful photo-opportunity museum, which ranks high for kids activities in Penang.  Have a good laugh, try extraordinary poses and do photo flips. If gravity ever shifts, you’ll have had all the practice you need.


Family Relaxation At Holiday Inn Resort Penang


After spending your energy on a myriad of activities, you will need a good place to rest and recharge before taking on the next day. Holiday Inn Resort Penang provides a variety of comfortable rooms for you and your family to relax in. That’s why it’s one of the best hotels in Penang for families.

Beach Wing Triple Room

This room is spacious. It comes with three sumptuous double beds and is ideal for larger families and friends. Situated near the beach, it captures the beautiful hill views of Penang and has easy access to the ocean. It is one of the most demanded triple bedrooms on the island with all the in-room amenities you need. Find out more

Beach Wing Kid Suite

This suite is another great family room in Penang; it can accommodate families of up to two adults and three children. Kid-friendly with colourful bunk beds, it comes with a PlayStation 3 and installed games. This lovely suite features fun decorations, and comes in three different themes for you to choose from: Treasure Island, Jungle and Space. Find out more

Ferringhi Tower Family Studio

Ideal for those who want a little extra space, this family studio is one of the premium family accommodation options in Penang. It can accommodate a group of four adults and/or children. It has a king-sized bed and two Hollywood twin beds, an extra large bathroom, a sitting area and a private balcony with picturesque hill views. Find out more

Ferringhi Tower Kids Suite

Specifically-designed to appeal to younger guests, this room gives kids the space to have fun and rest and still allows parents the privacy they need. It has a king-sized bed and two Hollywood twin beds. The suite accommodates a group of four adults and/or children. It comes with a TV, PlayStation 3, private balcony facing the beautiful landscape of hills and more. Find out more










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